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  Topic Authors Date Abstract
T1: New Media in Education see Program July 4.  
T2: Third Generation Wireless Standards, Algorythms and Future Solutions: Burst-by-burst Adaptive Multimedia Transceivers Prof. Lajos Hanzo
July 5. pdf-format
T3: Introduction to Software Defined Radio Prof. Bahram Honary (UK) July 5. Abstract.doc
T4: Third Generation Mobile Communication: UMTS/ IMT-2000 Prof. Ramjee Prasad
July 7.  

Prof. Bahram Honary, University of Lancaster, United Kingdom TOP
The concept of software defined radio and the advent of reconfigurable processing system will be described in the tutorial. In particular we will concentrate on enabling technology for practical realisation of the system physical layer. Here we summarise, three major areas of research and development required to provide the dynamic processing capabilities essential to the reconfigurable system as:-

    1. Component technology include: DSP, FPGA, FPAA, Communication Fabric Processor
    2. Design tools and method include: Data flow simulation, FPGA Partial Reconfiguration
    3. System maintenance include: object oriented method

In addition some examples of the design tools including HW 2001 board will be given together with MATLAB simulation tools for reconfigurability. We will show that by this MATLAB simulation, newly developed algorithm can be designed and their results analysed.

Prof. Ramjee Prasad is a distinguished educator and researcher in the field of Wireless information and Multimedia Communications. He is currently the Co-director of Center for PersonKommunikation, Aalborg University, Denmark and holds the Wireless Information and Multimedia  Communications Chair. He has published over 300 papers and 6 books in his field of expertise. He is the founding chairperson of the European Center of Excellence in telecommunications, known as Hermes.