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    In recent years there have been significant changes in the Central and Eastern Europe, both in political as well as technological domain. Communications technology and Telecommunications infrastructure have become the main driving forces of rapid economic and social development. The aim of organizers is to bring up professional discussions of technical themes on current issues and trends to provide the educational platform and to assure dissemination of the new knowledge to the participants. The Conference will seek to draw together researchers, designers and end users from a wide range of backgrounds to share insights and perspectives on increasingly important areas of research and advancements in the telecommunications technology. The event should also give the opportunity to manufacturers, service providers, and operators of communications and information technology to gain access to the state of the art of the new knowledge and trends in this fast developing market.

    Besides Technical program and Invited lectures, there will be several additional events organized such as Communications' Chapters meeting of R8 and Video conference, which will link several universities and other interested institutions to the conference.

    Region 8 encouraged the organization of EUROCON'2001 conference in Bratislava Slovak Republic, situated in Central to Eastern Europe. The venue is easily accessible by train, car and air (Bratislava and Vienna airport).