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The working language of the Conference will be English.


Extended abstracts of about 500 - 1000 words are now invited in the following areas:

Technical Subject Areas

Scientific stream

Communication theory
Image processing
Network architectures and protocols
Optical communication systems
Communications services, (Distant teaching,
Teaching of large groups, virtual class rooms…)
Multimedia communications
Fault Tolerance
Mobile Communication Systems

Computer Communications
Security and Cryptography Theory and Applications


Technical stream

Electronic commerce
Wireless, cellular and satellite technology
Networking, Internet applications and services
Emerging standards and technologies
Software communication and educational products
Communication networks management
New Trends in Telecommunications in Europe
Mobile Communications Technology Visions
Terrestrial Telecommunication Networks
Local Loop Technologies

Telecommunication Management
Internet Perspectives
Multimedia Telecommunications Services
Tele-teaching and Multimedia
Deregulation and Standardization Issues
Social and Juridical Impacts of New
Telecommunications Services

This list is not exhaustive; papers on any other relevant topic will be considered.


(with a brief author information)

Papers at the Conference will be allowed 25 minutes presentation time, including discussion and questions. All extended abstracts should be submitted, together with brief author information, to:

Dept. of Telecommunications,
FEI STU (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology,
Slovak University of Technology),
Ilkovicova 3, 812 19 Bratislava, Slovakia
Fax: +421-7-68279 601 Email: eurocon@ktl.elf.stuba.sk


New Technologies in Multimedia Teleconferencing

Several Universities will be invited to participate in remote teleconferencing to present recent results in multimedia systems. This is an invitation to participate actively or passively.